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Intellectual and industrial property

Users of this website shall use all integrated or facilitated (hereinafter, “the contents”) in a diligent, correct and legal manner. In particular, users commit to not (i) use the contents for any purpose or effect contrary to law, morale and public order; (ii) reproduce or copy (in total or partially), distribute (by any means), allow access to the public through any public communication; (iii) distribute, reproduce, transform, modify or use the contents; (iv) remove, eliminate or manipulate the identification data Nieto Motor Almería, S.L. and their remarks on reserved rights as well as the technical protections that could be part of the Contents.

All intellectual and industrial property rights of the information and the Contents of this website are exclusively Nieto Motor Almería, S.L. owned by Nieto Motor Almería, S.L. exclusively. The Contents are protected by the Intellectual Property Act and the Trademark Laws, and their complementary laws. The Contents shall not be transformed, reproduced, publicly communicated or distributed to any third party nor used with commercial purposes .

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Through this website, Nieto Motor Almería, S.L. facilitates you Access to a variety of products and services, including download of files, forums and information on products and services (hereinafter, “the services”). The services, including any update, change, improvement or new proposal are subject to the T&C.

Nieto Motor Almería, S.L. shall not be responsible for any harm deriving from the inability to access or the discontinuity of the contents of this website, or for defects users may find or produce as a consequence of their access to the website, for the veracity of the information and in particular, but not limited to, he inability to get access to the website . Nieto Motor Almería, S.L. shall not be responsible for any harm of any type derived from the presence of viruses or any other element of the contents that may cause alterations in the information system, electronic documents or any other files of the users.

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The information contained in this website may be facilitated through the internet or by other means. Nieto Motor Almería, S.L. does not guarantee privacy of communications made by users with regard to this website. Users of this website acknowledge that they know that communications sent through the website are public and not communications of private character.

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